Please meet the Past Presidents of the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society

The Society presents the following members proudly:

David Adamson MD 
Ferdinand J Beernink MD  
Barry  Behr PhD, HCLD
Kenneth A Burry MD  
R. Jeffrey  Chang MD  

Russell Foulk MD

Mary M Francis BA, ELD, TS
Jane Leigh Frederick MD
Carolyn Givens MD 
Joy Z Golden ANP
Lee R Hickok MD
Robert Israel MD   
Paul F Kaplan MD
Michael Kettel MD   
Emmet J Lamb MD  
Ruth B Lathi MD
Patrick B Lawrence MD  
Rogerio A Lobo MD  
Paul C Magarelli MD, PhD
Charles M March MD  
Lorna A Marshall MD  
Robert Dale McClure MD  
David R Meldrum MD  
Gene A Naftulin MD  
Ronald Nelson MD   
Phillip E Patton MD  
Richard J Paulson MD
Ingrid Anne Rodi MD  
Donald C Smith MD  
Rebecca Z Sokol MD, MPH
Eric Surrey MD 
Mark Surrey MD   
Ronald S Swerdloff MD
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