Dear PCRS Supporters and Friends,

I’m both proud and excited to be serving as your PCRS president for the next year.

With a major election on the horizon, Reproductive Endocrinology may be facing increased challenges in the years to come. PCRS along with our sister societies will be at the forefront to address these potential hurdles by continuing to provide outstanding, adaptive and cutting-edge medical education opportunities.

PCRS 2017: Advances in Reproductive Medicine: Oasis or Mirage?

DATE: March 22 to 26, 2017  

LOCATION: Marriott Renaissance Indian Wells (Formerly the Renaissance Esmeralda)

The Program Committee led by Co-chairs, Alex Quaas, MD and Jason Swain, PhD, is developing another outstanding CME Program focusing on the variety of knowledge and skills required in the practice of reproductive medicine.

Focusing on analysis of the data collected from the evaluations of the 2016 Annual Meeting and the 2017 Needs Assessment Survey, the committee is identifying areas of emerging interest such as stimulating new discoveries and research in genetics, embryo diagnostics, implantation and new technologies, as well as gaps in existing practice to provide CME which accurately addresses the needs of our learners. 

Based on the same data analysis, we are designing the program schedule to take advantage of peak participant learning hours by having lectures in the morning hours and hands on or group participation sessions in the early afternoon. Building the rigor of the program, the quality of the speakers, and the redesign of the schedule fulfills the ultimate goal of the PCRS CME program “to address both the learner’s identified needs as well as those needs not self-identified which close those gaps in practice healthcare to all patients at all times.”  

Fellows’ Day at PCRS remains Wednesday and is geared towards fulfilling the PCRS goal of providing outstanding education to all REI fellows in the United States.  The PCRS scholarship program now provides scholarships for an estimated 50% of the REI fellows in the United States. We see the scholarship program as a creator of career-long relationships with colleagues and with PCRS.  The Excellence in Fellowship Research Scholarship provides funding for fellows to return to PCRS based on their outstanding research.

Our chosen field of medicine relies on cooperation and teamwork. While PCRS prides itself on teaching to the team it is also essential that PCRS focus on the individual, specialized fields that comprise the entire REI Team. While most sessions meet all practitioners' needs, concurrent sessions for nurses and nurse practitioners, lab professionals, and geneticists and genetic counselors, make PCRS the go-to-meeting for inter-professional education and networking.  By integrating the education of our learners we strengthen the practice teams of our physicians to provide the delivery of consistently high quality healthcare to all patients at all times. 

Thank you again for supporting the Society along with its dedicated Board of Directors and Program Planning Committee as we embark on another journey toward the improvement of reproductive medicine.  I’m wide open to suggestions and bright ideas for the growth and development of PCRS.



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