Phil Chenette, MD


This has been a great year for the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society.  The PCRS Board of Directors has been hard at work designing the future of the Society.  Our Strategic Goals have been fine-tuned, our finances are in order, and PCRS is ready to partner with our sister societies to improve care for our patients, develop our practices, and to engage researchers and educators in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology.

The Annual Meeting is March 21 to 25 at The Renaissance (Esmeralda) in Indian Wells, CA.  The title of the meeting says it all: “FERTILITY INNOVATIONS: 21st Century Technologies to Build Healthy Families”.   I’m looking forward to seeing each of you in the desert. The program is innovative and exciting, with topics reviewing current practices while introducing amazing advances in reproductive engineering.

On a happy (for them) and sad note (for PCRS), Sue and Alex are retiring on July 1, after 25 years of shepherding PCRS through thick and thin.  The new management team, SBI, will be helping with the Annual Meeting so you will have the opportunity to meet Michele Reeder, the new Executive Director, and some of her crew. Please welcome them to the PCRS family.

A big thank you to Sue and Alex for managing to keep all the balls in the air again this year.  PCRS will certainly miss them and we will, hopefully, see them as welcome guests at future Annual Meetings.

Don’t forget to pack your “Disco Best” for the Saturday night awards dinner – Disco Night. I wish you safe travels to warm and sunny Indian Wells.





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