Product Theater - Endometrial Metagenomic Analysis (EMMA) & Analysis for Infectious Chronic Endometritis (Alice)

Date Thursday, April 4, 2019
Time 3:00pm - 3:50pm
Location Esmeralda 1-4
Sponsor Sponsored by: Igenomix
Map Esmeralda 1-4
Speakers Cengiz Cinnioglu PhD

Endometrium plays a very important role in fertility. A healthy endometrium is rich in healthy bacteria which is called the endometrial flora. Low levels of this bacteria are associated to poor reproductive outcomes in patients undergoing IVF. Igenomix recently developed a test called Endometrial Metagenomic Analysis (EMMA). This test determines healthy bacteria levels and recommends the best probiotic treatment to balance your endometrial flora, improving your pregnancy prospects.

Igenomix also developed another test for Chronic Endometritis which also play very important role in fertility. Chronic endometritis is a persistent inflammation of the endometrial mucosa caused by bacterial pathogens. Although chronic endometritis can be asymptomatic, it is found in up to 40% of infertile patients and is responsible for repeated implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage. Chronic endometritis diagnosis still depends on the method used. Igenomix developed a test called Analysis for Infectious Chronic Endometritis (ALICE). With this newly developed molecular method for the diagnosis of chronic endometritis will be able to overcome the bias of the current methods that we can improve diagnosis and management of the disease in asymptomatic infertile patients.

Sponsored by: Igenomix

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