Physician Focus Concurrent Session: Endometriosis & Implantation Debate, Recurrent Implantation Failure & Endometrial Immunologic Factors, Oocyte Donation: Historical perspective and lesson learned

Date Saturday, April 6, 2019
Time 10:10am - 12:30pm

"Endometriosis & Implantation debate" - Bruce Lessey, MD, PhD vs. Edgardo Somingliana, MD
Implantation and Endometriosis: lessons learnt from ART
1. Review the concept of implantation
2. Analyze the different hypothetical causes of implantation failure in endometriosis patients
3. Present clinical evidence to understand where is the problem in women with endometriosis and implantation failure

Timing isn’t everything: Endometriosis and Defects in Implantation
1. Review the definition of endometrial receptivity
2. Explain the role of inflammation in normal implantation and defects in endometrial receptivity
3. Review the changes in signaling pathways for discovery of biomarkers of endometriosis

"Recurrent Implantation Failure & Endometrial Immunologic Factors" - Carolyn Coulam, MD
A rational approach to the problem of recurrent implantation failure (RIF)
1. To understand the mechanisms involved involve in the different causes of RIF
2. To learn diagnostic tools available to identify the cause of RIF
3. To be aware of appropriate options for treatment of RIF since not all implantation failures occur for the same reason

"Oocyte donation: historical perspective and lessons learned" - Richard Paulson, MD
1. To describe the development of oocyte donation
2. To understand the concept of endometrial receptivity
3. To counsel patients about optimal timing of embryo transfer


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