Lab/Reproductive Biology Concurrent Session: Lab Staffing & Workflow Management, Competency Assessments in the Lab, Biopsy and Vitrification: Are we there yet?

Date Saturday, April 6, 2019
Time 9:50am - 12:30pm
Location Crystal I
Map Crystal I
Speakers Joe Conahagn, PhD, HCLD
Kristin Ivani, PhD

"Lab Staffing & Workflow Management - IVF Lab Staffing: The Dynamics of a Happy and Efficient Laboratory" - Bill Venier, MS, ELD
1. To understand staffing requirements needed for the increasing demands of an IVF lab
2. How to maintain a positive environment within the lab and effective relationships with other departments to provide a positive patient experience
3. Reviewing workflow options when the daily schedule exceeds the norm

"Competency Assessments in the Lab: A Panel Discussion on Embryologist Training and Competency Assessment" - All speakers TBD
1. To compare training and competency protocols and procedures between laboratories
2. To develop common best practices between laboratories.
3. To have an open discussion sharing difficulties and successes in training and competency to ultimately improve your own laboratory methods.
Embryo Biopsy and freezing: Update

"Biopsy and Vitrification: Are we there yet?" - Mike Abeyta
Vitrification and trophectoderm biopsy have become integral techniques in the modern IVF laboratory. But how standardized are these techniques currently and what is left to discover before we can truly consider these techniques routine? We will explore commonalities and differences amongst different tools and methods and touch on the role of a strong QM program in refining the techniques to suit your lab.

1. Analyze the current trends in biopsy and vitrification techniques
2. Understand the specific factors that influence outcomes of biopsy and vitrification
3. Help choose outcome measures that aid in troubleshooting and gauging success


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