Sponsorship Opportunities

Educational Grants    
Fellows Luncheon Wednesday $15,000
Fellows Cocktail Reception Wednesday $13,750
Fellows Dinner Wednesday $30,250
Product Theater (includes push notification) Thursday $10,500
Welcome Reception [D] Thursday $35,000
Fellows Dinner Thursday  $30,250
Nurses/Genetic Counselors Wine Reception Thursday $7,000
VF Lab Reception Thursday $7,000
Faculty/BOD/Past Presidents' Dinner [D] Thursday $23,500
Product Theater (includes push notification) Friday $10,500
Fellows Late Night Friday $13,750
Poster Reception Friday $27,500
Breakfast Symposium Saturday $25,000
Family Fun and Pool Time Saturday $22,000
Presidents' Reception Saturday $10,000
Awards Dinner [D] Saturday $45,000
Sunday Brunch Program Sunday $20,000


Non-Event OpportunitiesCost
Mobile App $10,000 
Keycards (Your copy on front/PCRS info on back) $9,500
Keycard Holder Multi-page Pocket Schedule $12,500
Re-Charge Lounge (comfortable seating and power stations) $8,500
Wireless Internet Access for Attendees and Exhibitors $8,500
Refreshment Breaks (Multiple Sponsorships Available) $3,000
Syllabus Download Station $3,500
Website Banner Ad with Link to Your Website $3,500
Scholarships (Physicians in Training, Nurses, Genetic Counselors, IVF Lab) $3,000
New! Poolside Cabanas $750 (per day)
Partial Scholarships (any amount from $500 to $3,000) $500 – $3,000
Mobile App Push Notifications** $500
Delegate Bag Inserts*** $595
Breakfast Symposium $25,000
Family Fun and Pool Time $22,000
Presidents' Reception $10,000
Awards Dinner [D] $45,000
Sunday Brunch Program $20,000

* PhRMA code prohibits the distribution of Non-Educational and Practice-Related Items (such as pens, note pads, mugs and similar “reminder” items with company or product logos). Recognition for sponsoring such items listed above will be acknowledged through signage, within the mobile app, on the PCRS website, and in post-meeting acknowledgments to all attendees.

** Drive attendees directly to your booth with a push notification via the PCRS Annual Meeting Mobile App prior to each refreshment break.

*** Delegate Bag Inserts can be ordered online during the exhibitor registration process or at any time by logging in to your PCRS account, accessing your exhibitor portal, and visiting Optional Services within the current year’s registration.